Here is why playing alone is both boon and bane for you

Most of the initial players or even experts try to practice golf alone. This seems as both good as well as bad. Golf is one of the outdoor sports which increase the physical activity in human body. This sport was first played in 15th century in green grasses of Scotland. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of playing the golf alone.


Let us see always the good thing in everything. If you are playing golf alone here are some of the benefits which are listed below

Your clock time

When players are playing alone, they get their own time and space to play. Players may be both professional and recreational. They get into different schedules of living. While playing alone they have no commitments to be on time. They can play whenever they are in need of. The timing which they are playing can also be too long or too short. The players are the self-decision makers and they get the freedom to play on their time.

Practice makes perfect

Yes that is true because players can get lot of time to practice alone which can help them to earn good hands of expertise in golf. The player can use the opportunity and keep on practicing like most of the professionals do. If people are really good they get ideas to perform neat and clean shots in practice.

Disadvantages of playing alone

Here are some of the reasons why golf playing becomes a disadvantage when it is played alone.

No social interaction

You really don’t make friends when you are playing alone. You will never get ideas from your friends of team mates when you are playing alone. Even your quality of speaking may get ruined up when you are playing alone. You may be happy about playing alone at initial stages but you will surely get bored and lonely. There are chances to get stress when you are playing alone.

Here is why playing alone is both boon and bane for you

Stubborn gamer

Since you have no mates to actively play the game, you have more chances to play without following the basic rules or even you may get chances to frame your own set of rules. The importance of being truthful in game may get faded away when you are playing alone. Since there are no co-players and audience to see your game you have the chances of becoming a rigid player.

These are just some of the advantages and disadvantages happening when you are playing the sport alone. It is better to play with your co-players but just for practice play alone to get the integrity and to identify your style of gaming. Make sure you have identified your swag in hitting the ball to the holes. Have lots of fun in playing golf as your favorite sport.